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The Ecommerce Pro Plan: Level Up Your Email Marketing and Sell More Online

Quick check: Is email bringing in roughly 30% of your revenue? If you are selling online, and you have not reached this threshold, you might want to assess where you’re currently at with your email marketing, and what revenue goals you could be striving for.

As a small business owner, you want to put your time and money where it will be most effective. Your revenue from email marketing might not be anywhere near 30%, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. It’s an industry benchmark that’s achievable for all sorts of businesses selling online. 

What’s perhaps more exciting is the fact that getting from point A to point B with your email marketing can be fairly straightforward. You may be familiar with email marketing terms such as segmentation, targeting and personalization. The meanings, and the “how-tos” might be somewhat elusive, but we’re here to break it down and help you make email effectiveness, and more online sales a reality, with a new plan called Ecommerce Pro

Let’s get to the who, what, when, where, how and why of upping your email marketing game. 

Table of ContentsEcommerce Pro: Who what, when, how, and whyThe who: You and us togetherThe what: A plan that helps you sell more onlineThe when: At the best time for each individual customerThe how: With A.I.-powered automationThe why: More time and more revenue for youReady to get started with our Ecommerce Pro plan?

Ecommerce Pro: Who what, when, how, and why

For a quick explainer of how our Ecommerce Pro plan helps you sell more online, check out this video, then read on for a deeper dive.

The who: You and us together

That’s you, the small business owner and marketing leader. Armed with the right email marketing technology and your customer data, you can gain deep insights about your customers and your business. You can run highly effective email campaigns that build customer loyalty and drive sales. 

It’s also us, your Marketing Advisors. We help you understand your customer data, campaigns and email reporting so you can get the most bang out of your email marketing buck. 

The what: A plan that helps you sell more online

Without a doubt, the “what” is Ecommerce Pro, a plan we’re excited to introduce to you. Aimed at businesses with over 2,500 email subscribers, it’s the first-ever ecommerce marketing automation platform to use artificial intelligence to predict exactly what your customers want so you can quickly and easily target them with the right email message, one that is personalized specifically for them.

Ecommerce Pro’s A.I. technology eliminates the guesswork around your email marketing and does the busy work for you, automatically testing and choosing the best performing subject lines, email content, delivery times, product recommendations, and more. 

Schedule your Ecommerce Pro demo to see it in action. We think you’ll like the user-friendly interface!

The when: At the best time for each individual customer

The “when” is your customers receiving your messages at the right time, every time. The Ecommerce Pro A.I. engine learns when your customers are reading your messages and interacting with your content, and it times messages accordingly, for each individual customer. In an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, this attention to timing can have a big impact on your online sales. 

The how: With A.I.-powered automation

So how does an A.I.-enabled platform deliver all this to small business owners? One way is  with pre-configured, targeted ecommerce playbooks, such as cart- and browse-abandon, and more. Playbooks use A.I. insights to ensure your emails get to the right prospects or customers no matter where they are in their buying journey. 

Ecommerce Pro helps you to:

Choose the best subject line every time – optimize subject lines, email templates, and more based on A.I. and predictive analytics.

Ditch time-wasting email marketing tasks – save time with prebuilt segments like “purchase activity,” “readiness to buy,” and more.

Track campaign performance, individual buyer preferences, and predicted trends.

Understand your customers like never before – gain valuable insights through analytics and revenue reporting.

Be more strategic with your email marketing – get the support you need from our experienced Marketing Advisors to bring your email marketing to a new level of sophistication and success.

The why: More time and more revenue for you

The “why” might already be clear to you. Constant Contact’s Ecommerce Pro puts time back in your day. It takes the weight off your shoulders and the guesswork out of email marketing by sifting through and interpreting your customer data for you. It uses this data to automatically send relevant marketing messages tailored to your individual customers’ specific needs and interests, allowing you to drive online sales and customer loyalty.

That 30% threshold for revenue from email marketing? With the right technology and the right guidance, it might not seem so out of reach.

Learn about Lime Ricki’s “why” in the video below. Lime Ricki is a swimwear brand using Ecommerce Pro to sell more online.

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Ready to get started with our Ecommerce Pro plan?

Schedule your Ecommerce Pro demo today to see how our platform can help you land more sales in less time.

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