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Salutations Freelancers! Considered this was probably justify a peek. Opinions?

First off what is a conversion rate? Your conversion rate would be the number of website visitors that completed a desired goal out of the total numbers of visitors.

The visitors that completed the desired goal would be considered a conversion. So, what are typical affiliate marketing conversion rates?

Conversions will vary widely by industry or business model. What would be typical who can say. There will be other factors involved as well.

  • Landing Page
  • Funnel
  • Call To Action
  • Wrong Keywords
  • Trust
  • Product Content

The best place to start is to make sure your website is optimized to get conversions. That task will be ongoing because things are always changing.

Typical Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates

Is Content Still King?

Poor and unattractive product content can have a serious negative impact on your business. It can cause increased returns and weaken your brand.

Make sure your product content is not misleading or confusing. It must be engaging to make the consumer take action.

What you should be measuring for higher sales conversions.

  • Keep Content Updated: Continue to keep track of content and make changes when content becomes stale or out-of-date.
  • Study Your Competition: Compare their actions to yours there may be things you are overlooking that may help in your results.
  • Customer responsiveness: How much time does a customer spend on a certain page or engage in a certain pitch.
  • Try Something New: If you are not getting the responses from your visitors that you want you need to make changes. Try something that you have never done before.
  • PPC: Try Pay Per Click campaigns to drive traffic to your site.
  • Study Keywords:
    Study the keywords that are trending in which your competitors are using that is giving them an edge.

The use of keywords is very important when it comes to conversions. To understand how important keywords are read my article, “How To Get My Blog Noticed By Using The Right Keywords.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Likewise after you’ve written such great content how will you market it? One proven way to drive traffic to your website and can improve conversion rates is through social media marketing.

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic many people are shut-in at home, because of this there has been an influx of more people on social media platforms. The numbers of people consuming content is rising exponentially.

According to ExpressText you have to know which social media platforms your target audience is active on. ExpressText goes on to say pick out the top 3 platforms your target market uses and focus on those.

If used properly you should see a rise in traffic and conversion rates through social media marketing.

Reviews Of Products And The Impact On The Customers Buying Decisions 

Most of the time before people will go to a new place say a restaurant, they will look at the customer reviews. I’ve done myself many times.

Yet this approach is forgotten by most affiliate marketers. I would dare say that if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you look at the customer reviews before you signed up.

Incidentally if you don’t know who Wealthy Affiliate is you can find out by reading my article, “The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is In.” It will give a good review of the company and what they offer.

Like I was saying people look at customer reviews now more than ever before they buy. So, having product reviews will go a long way in helping your conversion rates.

According to Smart Insights, “If a few reviews deliver a trickle of extra traffic and a little increase in conversion, more reviews open the floodgates.” It may be high time to use more reviews.

Also, if you have used reviews with much success, we would like to hear from you in the comment section below. My readers will probably want to know how many reviews did you do before you saw an increase in conversions?

5 Tips How To Boost Conversion Rate

5 Tips How To Boost Conversion Rate

Here are some tips to use when creating a landing page or ad copy.

1) Get Rid of the Jargon: You first need to get rid of the jargon on your landing page. People don’t respond to phrases and words that they don’t understand.

When you’re writing sales copy, you want people to understand your message. Keep it simple.

You need to get rid of the fluff. Here’s a few examples of jargon that needs to be eliminated:

  • State-of-the-art
  • High-quality
  • Powerful
  • Ultimate

These fluff words don’t need to be added, if you have a real value to offer your visitors. Instead of stating that you’ve got a “high-quality product”, you might state that you’ve got a “product that will change how you handle…”

5 Tips How To Boost Conversion Rate

2) Decide How Your Product is Different: You also need to know how your product or offer is different from your competition. You should never state the obvious in your copy. Instead, focus on what sets you apart. Otherwise, you’re focusing on what makes you the same as everyone else.

For example, if you sell tax preparation software, you wouldn’t list “helps you prepare taxes” as one of the benefits of your software. This is a given.

By focusing on the strengths, you can set yourself apart from the rest of your competition.

3) Address the Most Common Objections: Write a list of reasons why people may be hesitant to make a purchase on your website. Be honest and come up with the most common objections.

For example, people may be hesitant to purchase from an unqualified source. To address this, you need to explain why you’re qualified to offer your product or service.

Another common objection is that your product may not work for every customer. To address this objection, you should include a variety of customer testimonials.

Write the list of objections and then address them, one at a time. Use this list as a checklist that you go over before going live with your landing page.

Typical Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates

4) Keep it Short: Keep it short. This applies to everything on your landing page. The words, sentences, and paragraphs should all be short. This makes your content easier to read.

Most people don’t read every single line in a sales ad or landing page. They skim through it. Break up your content and use shorter paragraphs.

5) Make it Easy to Complete the Next Step: Another solution for improving conversion rates is to make it easy for your visitors to complete the next step. Whether you’re having them subscribe to your email list or register for a webinar, the from they fill out needs to be short.

Typically, you should only include the required fields in your from. This includes name and email address. You really shouldn’t require more than 3 or 4 fields. Beyond this, conversion rates start to drop.

These are just a few tips for increasing your conversion rates. You should also try using A/B split testing to try different headlines and calls to action.

Reviews Of Products And

In summing up when it comes to conversion rates in my opinion nothing is typical. Because everyone’s results will be different. There are so many variables that go into making up conversion rates.

Check to see if your website is optimized for conversions. You may want to update your product content.

Add reviews to your products to boost conversions. Try something different when things aren’t working out.

Improving conversion rates will be an ongoing process. Changes in the online space is always happening. What was working last year may not work this year.

The only thing you can do is try to stay abreast of the new trends by continual learning and improvement.


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