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Popeyes resurrects a food-world controversy to introduce its chicken sandwich

Popeyes introduced its new chicken sandwich with an integrated campaign that spanned the entire media landscape. Two elements stood out, both of which the awards jury opted to honor as part of the Best Launch of the Year award. One came from GUT Miami. The agency dug into Popeyes’ history to resurface #Popeyesgate from 2017, when a Southern California restaurant secretly resold the fast-feeder’s chicken alongside waffles as its own menu item. Popeyes returned to the outlet, Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, to introduce its official sandwich, selling it there for a couple of days before it hit the chain for real. That set the stage for playful antics in which Popeyes poked fun at one of its main rivals, Chick-fil-A. The push led to 21 billion earned media impressions and $226 million in earned media.

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