Metrics to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Performance

Although content is the king when it is about brand awareness and engagement, influencer marketing becomes the queen.

Isn’t it awesome?

If your campaigns have more diversity, you will get an ultimately better outcome. Influencer marketing has already proved as an effective way to get your goals as a marketer. Here you will get to know some share of the measurement of your performance. At first, let’s find out a little bit of advance influencer marketing stats.

The Path to Success

St. Joseph Communications state that about 67% of the marketers consider influencer marketing as one of the best ways to grab the targeted audience. With an influencer campaign, you may get 11 times more ROI as compared to the typical marketing campaign. Although the main goal is much return on investment, there is no doubt why influencer marketing has become popular during the last few years increasingly.

Most often, brands, independent marketers, and companies are using minimum on social media account to collaborate with their customers and followers by news and content sharing. On these platforms, you can explore the right kind of influencers and engage with them whether the campaign is running on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms.   

The Employee Promotion Campaign

Two types of influencer marketing campaigns are there. Whether you can work with popular influencers from the field and online personas or, you can try engaging with micro-influencers and speak out on smaller. Furthermore, micro-influencer marketing on social media may prove to be more useful rather than celebrity kind.

By making an employee advocacy scheme, you can start a micro-influencer campaign. Actually, you can engage actively with your colleagues to share content and news from the brand you are marketing. However, rather than using a well-accepted platform, you can use tens or hundreds of smaller stages with the same impact.  

Key Metrics to Measure

 You need to think about five of the most important things that are based on goals and strategies.


Whenever you try to launch a new product or a new brand to the public, one of your main purposes should be to develop an awareness of the brand marketed.  Other than the kind of influencer campaign you pick here, it is crucial to understand what you should measure here and how you can do it better.

Well, to grow awareness, you definitely need exposure. You must need visibility. You tend to drive traffic to the website or your social media profile. With influencer marketing, you may access the targeted audience and those who are more prone to buy your products or services.

On the other hand, you need to determine some specific analytics data, including the number of visits, the standard time spent on site by the visitors, and the demographic categories.


Several kinds of engagement are there that a marketer tends to look for. For example, you might have to expand the number of followers and get more likes or more followers on a social media profile. Or else, you might have to make your customers take part in a contest and share some news.

Other than the type of engagement you are looking for, the metrics are finely the number of people who act according to the prediction, and you should measure them.


If the main goal is to boost sales and accordingly your revenue, then metrics are easier to measure. However, if you need applicable and precise numbers, it is prudent to make affiliate links. All of your influencers should have their own affiliate link to the page you are trying to present.

Quantity Social Leads

If you are seeking to boost your visibility, then it is awesome, and generating more sales to your brand is great, whether they are blog posts or product pages. In order to generate more leads, you can use influencer marketing at the same time; you must consider your ROI. Keep in mind that all of the investments are worthwhile, and not all the influencers will be able to deliver the results that you want to see.

Boost Your Reach with Hashtags

Besides real influencers, you can also use the popular hashtags in case you need to build more awareness and grab the attention of more followers to your social media accounts. On all the social media platforms, hashtags have become viral now. However, using hashtags on the Instagram platform is much more effective in driving real traffic.

With Hashtagsforlikes, you can simply access a huge amount of hashtags related to your product, brand or service. 

Over to You

To drive more traffic to the website, influencer marketing is a tried and proven method. It also helps you to increase sales as well as awareness. You can even grow the follower’s counts. Influencers have the authority to influence the decisions that a particular audience made; however, it also helps you to improve the overall stats of the business. 

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