How To Make Money From Blogging (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

This is the 2nd chapter of the Free Blogging Course, where I am explaining how you can make money from a blog in 2021. There are various ways and that’s what I have mentioned in this chapter. If you have not read the 1st chapter, read the benefits of blogging.

Are you wondering how to make money from a blog? Do you know how much do bloggers make money online? There are many examples of successful blogs who are generating very good revenue from their blog or website.

Before starting this article, let me tell you that I am able to make some decent amount of money from this blog. I mostly monetize my blog traffic through affiliate marketing programs. I tried Google AdSense in different websites, but right now mostly I do affiliate marketing only. But in this article, I will share all possible ways to earn money from a blog.

If you are also a blogger and wondering how to monetize your blog traffic, then you are in the right place. If your blog traffic is very low, then the best way to how to monetize your website is through affiliate marketing. As to use Google Adsense or other impression based or CTR based advertising networks you need a high traffic website.

How Much Traffic Does a Website Need To Make Money in 2021

There is no such formula that how much traffic you need to make $100/day or $1000/day etc. Your blog income will totally depend upon how well the traffic is targetted to make more conversion.

In many cases, we found websites with huge traffic but able to make any money. Because the majority of the traffic is coming just to get or read some information. Not with an intention to buy anything.

Even if you have monetized your blog with Google Adsense, there is no guarantee that your millions of traffic will end up making a very low income. The reason is your traffic may not be coming from high CPC AdSense countries. E.g. recently the MPNRC website has created a huge buzz on internet. If you check that website, it is fetching millions of traffic and then it is making a huge amount of money.

In the same time, a well-optimized affiliate website can easily make millions with highly targeted traffic. There are many such good examples of Amazon affiliate websites where you can find people are making serious money. E.g. if you check the affiliate income from you will find that even with a very less traffic compared to MPNRC, he is making huge money.

adam enfroy income report

So, if you compare both Google Adsense Vs. Affiliate marketing, it is ways better to go with affiliate marketing techniques to earn passive income. But remember what the way it is, you have to put real efforts to rank your articles on top of Google search. As the organic traffic is the main source of income.

Top 9 Ways to Monetize a Blog With Low Traffic in 2021

Although monetizing should not be your first preference if you are targeting for Google Adsense. As you have to write quality articles around low competition, but high search volumes. This will help you to fetch huge traffic. But in the case of affiliate marketing, I think from day one can insert affiliate links on probable places without overdoing it.

If you don’t have a website yet and you are reading this article, then you are missing out so many things my dear friend. You must create a website and grow it to make money from blogging. Anyway, let’s explore the 9 awesome ways to make money from your blog in 2021.

1) Advertising Networks [Google Adsense, Media.Net etc]

The best way to make money from your website is showing display or text advertisements. I am sure you are aware of the advertisements & banners showing on every website. This is one of the best ways to make huge money from your website, but you need huge traffic at the same time.

The process is very simple. You have to apply for Google Adsense or or InfoLinks etc with your website. The approval process of Google AdSense is not that easy as you have to follow certain guidelines.

On successful approval, you can create ads as per your preferred size and then generate HTML code. Now put the code in your website which will find out relevant advertisements as per your content niche.

If you are using Google AdSense, the try Google Auto-Ads feature powered by Ai (Artificial Intelligence). This will dynamically find out where the users click most and accordingly display ads.

Which Is The Best Ad Network For Publishers?

Without any doubt, AdSense is everyone’s first priority. But due to if your AdSense account got banned you can use all these below mentioned AdSense alternatives in 2021.

AdsenseMedia.netPropeller AdsPopadsChitikaInfolinksRevenuehitsBidvertiserAdbuffHilltop Ads

Note: Read the AdSense Terms & Conditions carefully before applying.

2) Create Online Courses & Sell Them From Your Blog

Do you know Ramit Sethi? Then I am sure you will find this information mind-blowing.

Ramit Sethi is the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, outlines his process for building a successful business. He made $5 million in just 1 week by selling courses.

Do you think you are expert in any subject? Then you can create some awesome courses sitting at your home only. To learn more about how to create a better course, spend some time on the internet, prepare an outline and create courses.

There are plenty of awesome WordPress plugins available which will help you to create courses easily. Not only that you can also start selling them online and track everything.

9 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Create and Sell Courses Online

LearnDashLifter LMSLearnPressCoursePress ProSenseiWP CoursewareGood LMSNamaste! LMSMasterStudy LMS

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to make money online. You can see that on this website I am talking about web hosting services, WordPress & blogging tools and occasionally link to their website.

This way if some buy any product, I will earn some commission. Affiliate marketing is very powerful if you can do it properly. In fact, the best part of affiliate marketing is that you can recommend things from your own experience.

E.g. I am recommending new bloggers to buy Hostinger web hosting plans. And for all my readers I also negotiate with Hostinger Team and got an additional discount Promo Code: BLOGGINGGYAAN. Just use the Hostinger Coupon after Clicking This Link and you can enjoy extra savings. Here is a screenshot of my earning from Hostinger. Thanks for all of your support, as I need this from you to create free useful content on this website & manage my expenses. So keep supporting by using my affiliate link, whenever you buy anything.

So, you have to find out the suitable product and then join their affiliate programs. Write about their products in your website or blog and then put affiliate links within content. But what are the best places to find out high commission affiliate programs? Let’s explore the best places you must join.

The Best Affiliate Networks For Bloggers

ShareASale Affiliates [My Best Pick]Amazon AssociatesClickbankRakuten Marketing AffiliatesCJ Affiliate Publisher’s ProgramImpact Radius

Check my detailed guide on starting your own blog and make money.

4) Sell eBooks/ Digital Products From Your Website

If you have a good website with loyal traffic, then you can create useful ebooks about your life, experience or any product or any tutorial as per your blogging niche.

Do you know Ryan Biddulph?  He is an awesome blogger and one of my blogging friend who runs an awesome blog He is an expert writer and published many of his experiences of blogging and life as an eBook. Check out his latest eBook on How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.

That means, if you can document your experiences of learning into an eBook then you can easily convert your visitors into buyer and make a good amount of recurring income.

Not only eBook, but you can also even launch any digital product like any software or a course or any WordPress plugin etc. E.g. Istiak Ryan of has launched an awesome plugin called I am one of the users of this plugin, which is simply awesome.

5) Paid Guest Post & Sponsored Posts

If you have good domain authority like 30+ then you can make serious income by accepting the paid guest post. It is very easy to find your targetted customer. Just go to Facebook and join some guest post related groups. You can also provide service through Fiverr or SEOclerks platforms.

Few of the Best Facebook Groups for WordPress Bloggers to Find Guest Post Opportunity

Free guest postingAuthority Guest Post MarketplaceGuest Posting OpportunitiesGuest Post NetworkBlogging SEO Content guest posting.Guest Post Network – Free & Paid

Just visit Facebook and search with “Guest Post” or “Guest Blogging” and you will find many more such groups. Just joined them and on approval put your website details like you are accepting the paid guest post or sponsored post.

How much can I charge someone who wants to do a guest post on my Blog

Generally, a quality 50+ DA website can ask something from $75 – $250 or even more, depending on traffic, website niche and other factors. In case you have just started, then try to increase the domain authority of your website at least until 25+ to start accepting paid guest posts.

Note: Although accepting guest post is a good way to publish regular content in your website, but make sure you keep a note of the key points as per Google’s T&C to make things safe. Read this:

If you have a product based website or any profitable niche website (E.g. tech blogs) then you can attract many sponsored posts from many companies. Generally, they want you to write a review and pay you good money.

They will give you the content where they shared some product review or tutorial about their product with a link back to their website and pay for the same to you for publishing on your website.

One of my blogging friend Gaurav Kumar of has shared an awesome opportunity to make money through his sponsored post program. You can join that and make money utilizing your blog traffic.

6) Start Vip/Membership Site & Offer Paid Content

If you are an expert in the niche then you can start your own membership area within your website where you will share paid content. Only people who subscribe your membership can read such exclusive tutorials.

To build such a website, first of all, you have to establish your name as such an influential person so that people trust you and want to pay to read your content.

E.g. you can check out the website where he is charging $555 for every month subscription. He is an expert in Genesis theme customization. Genesis Framework is one of the best WordPress theme frameworks and if you want to become an expert in this domain, you can subscribe to that and learn more customization tricks.

7) Sell Banner Advertising space

You might have seen many websites displaying banner advertising in the sidebar of the header area. If you have a high traffic website, then you can sell website space to advertisers. You can do your own by creating a dedicated advertising page or you can also join programs like

But if you are running your blog on WordPress platform, then there are many awesome plugins & tools which will help you to manage various display advertising options on your website.

Best Advertising Management Plugins For WordPress

Ads Pro PluginWP PRO Advertising SystemWP In Post AdsWP QUADSElite Video PlayerAdRotateWordPress Ad WidgetAdvanced AdsUltimate Ads Manager

8) Use your blog as a portfolio and Offer services on Fiverr

If you have a blog with good content, loyal audience and good engagement then you can use this as your biodata and get quality content writing or blog consulting. You can teach people about blogging, SEO or how to blog etc and earn money. You can also create an awesome HireMe page, which can convert well.

Besides that, if you want to exploit the various freelance websites to sell your service, then here is the list of popular websites to look for freelance work of all types.

UpworkFreelanceriFreelancePeople per HourFreelance Writing GigsOdeskFiverr (note: Fiverr has an excellent affiliate program, so don’t neglect joining there for some extra easy commissions. It’s free.).Simply Hired

9) Flip Your Website [Website Selling business]

This is a growing market where you can create an awesome website and then sell it online. You can’t believe that people are selling websites and making huge money. There are many platforms where you can list your website and put an asking price.

But it is not that easy, as you have to build a website which is worth selling. If you can create multiple websites of this quality, then definitely it is a good way to generate huge income. Now a days many people are preferring to buy a blog and then start blogging.

Best Marketplaces for Website Flipping

FlippaTrademysiteBuySellWebsiteAfternicSedoFreemarketDigital Point ForumWarrior ForumWeb Hosting TalkWebsite Broker

That’s it: Let’s Go To Next Chapter

So, there is no doubt that we can earn money if we have a good blog with decent traffic. But here the problem is that, you can’t make money from every category. Yes, even if you have a high traffic website your website may not make good amount of money if you don’t pick the right category. And in the next chapter, we will discuss on that topic “Profitable Niche” and try to find out a good profitable category so that you can make good amount of money form your blog in coming days. So, let’s go to the next chapter.

how to make money from blogging

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