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How to Identify Hot Leads Using Real Estate Email Reporting

Using real estate email reporting sounds technical but is actually straightforward, easy to implement, and will increase your sales. You’ll become able to identify hot leads quickly, and you’ll know what they’re interested in.

All you’ll need to do for existing list members is send an email with links to your list. As for new sign-ups, you’ll instantly be able to pinpoint the people who are ready to buy when they join.

In this short article, we’ll go over what kind of emails to send, what types of links to put in your emails, and how to analyze the responses you receive effortlessly. You’ll generate more sales faster and easier by following up and contacting people who are ready to buy instead of scattering your efforts chasing cold leads.

What you may like best about using real estate email reporting is that:

‌It’s easy to set up.Once you set it up, it doesn’t take a lot of time to run.Analyzing your results is easy — you’ll know what’s working.You’ll know what a prospect is interested in.You’ll narrow your prospect lists to hot leads who are ready to buy.

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How to set up real estate email reporting

Your list is made up of people who have different interests. Here are some examples of real estate interest groups:

‌BuyersPeople looking for financial information — loan types, interest rates, and more.Seekers of real estate knowledge — trends and real estate news.Those looking for home improvement information.

When you divide your list into groups based on their interests, your open and click rates will increase. Marketers call this “list segmentation.”

The first step is to segment your list by sending an email with several links in it — one link for each segment. When a person clicks on a link, they are automatically placed in that group. Give people an incentive to click on the appropriate link by telling them what they’re going to receive. Here are link examples you can use to segment:

‌Get notified first when new homes are listed.Receive the latest information on home loans and interest rates.Discover hot real estate trends and news.Get home-improvement tips that add value to your home.

After your list is divided into segments, you can easily send targeted information to each group. Emails to list segments enjoy much higher open and response rates than sending the same emails to your entire list. This way, people in segmented groups get the exact information they want. They will begin anticipating your emails while your email metrics improve. Your open and click rates increase while bounce and unsubscribe rates decrease.

It’s easy to set this up so that when a person joins a segment, they automatically start receiving prewritten emails targeting their interest through an autoresponder.

How to use a welcome series to segment your list

An automated welcome series will welcome, qualify, and nurture new real estate leads quickly and effortlessly.

Immediately dividing subscribers into groups when they sign up to your list enables you to know who is interested in buying quickly. Start by getting their contact information for personal follow-up. Then, include them in an autoresponder series that will provide you more precise information about them. It works like this:

‌You offer people an enticing freebie to sign up for your email list. Prospects give you their name, email address, and maybe their phone number to get it.Your autoresponder immediately sends them the freebie and a welcome email.In that first welcome email, you include your links to different segments — being sure to tell people about the beneficial things they will get for clicking on each link.When they click on a link to join a segment, they automatically receive emails prewritten for that group from the autoresponder plus any additional emails you want to send to them — like new listings or open house invitations.If they don’t click on a link and join a segment, they continue to receive the rest of the autoresponder series that’s designed for your general audience. You can continue to include links to segments in the general audience series.

For example, you know that everyone who clicked on the link to ‘Get notified first when new homes are listed’ is a prospective hot lead. You can immediately send them another prewritten email or a series of emails that:

‌Links to your listings.Invites them to an open house.Is a survey asking what type of real estate they are interested in, if they have an agent, if they are a buyer or seller, what their readiness/timeline is, and more.

Everyone who joined segments other than ‘Get notified first when new homes are listed’ is a lead that needs nurturing. You nurture them by continuing to send them the type of information appropriate for their group. This information can be a mix of prewritten emails that you drip feed to them containing links to helpful resources like:

First-time home buyers guide.Tips to improve credit ratings.Home improvement tips.

You can also send one-time emails specially written to inform your list about an event like an open house or to give them time-sensitive information like a change in home mortgage interest rates.

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Analyze email performance with a glance

mock-up of Constant Contact email reporting page

To quickly know how an email performed, click on the reporting tab in your Constant Contact account. At a glance, you will see the percentages for:

‌People who opened your email.The average email open rate for all your emails.The industry average email open rate.

If your email open rate is above both of the other averages, you did well and should continue using the same kind of subject line, content, images, and call to action. If your email open rate is below the other averages, you need to make some improvements.

Go deeper into email analytics by discovering how to analyze specific types of emails and learning about the all-important click-through rate.

Real estate email reporting is like magic

Once you have real estate email reporting set up and running, you automatically know who your hot leads are, so you can precisely target the right prospect with the right message. Also, by taking a quick look at your analytics, you know what emails are getting the best responses.

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