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programs that pay weeklyLooking for affiliate programs that pay weekly? In today’s world, knowing you have a weekly income stream coming in can be very helpful.

Whether you have lost a job or you are looking for a way to supplement that job income, checking out affiliate programs that pay weekly is a good idea.

The key is to find something you can align yourself with that will actually generate sales. All we really do in affiliate marketing is act as connectors. We connect people to the products or services they want to buy. When the purchase is made, we receive a commission (a percentage of the sales volume).

One of the best aspects of working in affiliate marketing is that you can get started with something on the side … the “side hustle”. This allows you to focus on your regular job during regular business hours and then spend some time in the evenings and/or on the weekends building your affiliate income.

As you are looking for affiliate programs that pay weekly, be sure to look for companies that offer products and services that people can actually use. We highly recommend setting up your capture pages to offer more information, show prospects how your offer helps them, and get their information for followup.

Reminder: The prospects you get for your current offers can also be approached after for additional and follow up offers. Be sure to build your lists and build your rapport!

Questions? Feel free to ask. We love to get your questions. Just post in the comments, below.

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