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Oracle CX Social Content:

  • How does Movable Ink provide a better experience for #eCommerce customers? Details here: http://ora.cl/0zV3C #CX
  • Are you educating from home? Here are #tech tools and #apps to help parents: http://ora.cl/gX6YH @SmarterCX
  • How companies can rethink the #customerexperience today, read more here: http://ora.cl/d57X6 #CX
  • To keep customers active in your loyalty program, it’s essential to reward members beyond discounts and demonstrate the value of continuous participation: http://ora.cl/oQ2r8 #custloyalty
  • Discover how TV went from traditional to transformative, including plenty of #data to binge-all screens welcome: http://ora.cl/sY7Fv


Oracle CX in the News:

2020 CRM Value Matrix Highlights Increased ROI from AI Optimization and Omnichannel Integration – Finance.yahoo, 4.15.20

  • Nucleus released the 2020 CRM Technology Value Matrix, its assessment of the CRM market, naming Creatio, Infor CloudSuite CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle CX Cloud and Salesforce as CRM leaders.


Industry News:

CX Has Changed And Marketers Must Follow – Forbes, 4.16.20

  • The new reality of CX requires you to be comfortable with the fact that you will never see anything like the experiences your customers have because they are being dynamically created in real time, specific to data around the customer.

Three Ways to Show Business Impact for Your CX Program – Customerthink, 4.10.20

  • Check out the ways you can show the impact of your CX program in a way that will please your strongest executive critic.

Three Ways To Use Technology To Strengthen CX For Global Brands – Forbes, 4.15.20

  • To keep consumers engaged, regardless of where they live, companies need to offer multiple channels, speak their language and decrease wait times by operating as efficiently as possible.

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