Google expands definition of U.S. Election ads

Google is updating its Political Content policy this month, expanding the definition of U.S. Election ads.

Key changes. The new definition will include ads featuring:

  • Current officeholders or candidates for federal elected offices.
  • Current officeholders or candidates for state-level elected offices.
  • Current officeholders or candidates for U.S. territory-level elected offices.
  • Federal, state, or territory-level political parties.
  • State or territory-level ballot measures, initiatives, or propositions that have qualified for the ballot.

Why we care. This update broadens the scope of what constitutes a U.S. Election ad, potentially affecting a wider range of political advertisers and content.

What’s required. All advertisers running U.S. Election Ads must be verified by Google and complete Election advertising verification.

The big picture. This policy update reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to increase transparency and accountability in political advertising on its platforms.

What to watch. How this expanded definition impacts the landscape of political advertising on Google’s platforms, especially as the 2024 U.S. elections approach.

Between the lines. The policy update could potentially capture a broader range of ads, requiring more advertisers to go through Google’s verification process.

July 2, 2024

Original Source https://searchengineland.com/google-us-election-ads-update-443855

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