Google Marketing Platform launches new API with enhanced capabilities

Google Marketing Platform rolled out a new API, giving organizational administrators enhanced capabilities. Now, administrators can:

  • Upgrade or downgrade properties between standard and Analytics 360.
  • Link Google Analytics accounts to organizations.

Why we care. The new features make it easier for marketers to track their campaigns and get better insights into priority properties for more effective optimization.

Admin update. With this update, organization details are now part of the accounts list in the Admin API, creating a direct connection between the existing Admin API and the new Google Marketing Platform Admin API.

What is Google Marketing Platform? Google Marketing Platform combines the advertising services of DoubleClick with Google’s own advertising and analytics tools in one place. The platform aims to simplify planning, buying, measuring, and optimizing digital media and customer experiences all in one place. According to Google:

  • “Google Marketing Platform brings together your advertising and analytics to help you make quality customer connections, surface deeper insights and drive better marketing results.

Accessibility. To use the tools provided by the Google Marketing Platform, specialists are required to obtain relevant certifications. Companies must ensure they have certified specialists either on their staff or as contractors.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information,

March 11, 2024

Original Source https://searchengineland.com/google-marketing-platform-new-api-438288

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