Channel A Brand Identity Renewal

Channel A Brand Experience Design Renewal Project

Channel A, a private television broadcaster and content provider in South Korea, launched in 2011 with the slogan “A Canvas that holds Your Dreams.” Over the past decade, it has nurtured numerous successful IPs, embodying values of quality, fairness, and trust. In the face of challenges such as increased competition from OTT platforms, declining TV ratings, and a weakened brand presence in the rapidly evolving media landscape, Channel A recognized the need for transformation. During this transition, it became clear that the existing brand identity, “A Canvas that holds Your Dreams,” did not effectively communicate its meaning to both viewers and team members.

Thus, Channel A decided that a rebranding strategy was necessary, one that would reflect modern perspectives on technological innovation and media consumption while presenting a new vision for the brand internally and externally. This project aimed to redefine its brand identity

July 10, 2024

Original Source https://www.behance.net/gallery/201761119/Channel-A-Brand-Identity-Renewal

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