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  • Mar- 2022 -
    16 March
    Photo of Are Google Ads Worth It?

    Are Google Ads Worth It?

    The answer to whether or not Google ads are worth it for your small business depends on how quickly you want to start driving traffic to your website. If you’re just starting out, you’ve likely spent time, money, and other resources on setting up a website for your business but you still need to get people to start visiting it. Sure, you can tell family and friends, and post about your swanky new website on social media. But that’s not enough. There are millions of potential customers on the internet who are looking for what you offer. If they don’t…

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  • 15 March
    Photo of The 6 Best Marketing Strategies for Cleaning Business Owners

    The 6 Best Marketing Strategies for Cleaning Business Owners

    Residential cleaning services are a $1.2 billion industry that has grown, on average, 6.6% each year for the past decade. Starting a house cleaning business can be great, as it allows business owners to set their own hours and rates and to be their own boss. However, professional cleaning is a highly competitive industry to enter. As a result, success in this career hinges on business owners knowing how to advertise their cleaning services effectively. This guide will walk you through the top marketing strategies for cleaning business owners, setting you up for success in the industry. Ready to find…

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  • 4 March
    Photo of April Holidays and Newsletter Ideas — 2022

    April Holidays and Newsletter Ideas — 2022

    I have to admit that April holds a special place in my heart. Despite the fact that the first day of spring falls in March, where I grew up, it wasn’t spring until April  —  when the crocus and daffodils started to bloom. With the first bright colors poking through late snows and sounds of birds returning, for me, April has always been filled with promise and new beginnings. And, despite it being April Fool’s Day, one of the best decisions I ever made happened on April 1st  —  it was the day I joined Constant Contact. Which by the…

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  • 2 March
    Photo of 13 Ways to Build Your Email List For Free

    13 Ways to Build Your Email List For Free

    This article isn’t written to convince you of the benefits of using email marketing. You already know that “the money is in the list,” and that email marketing has an ROI of over $36 for each $1 spent. In this article, we take a look at 13 ways to build an email list so you can communicate more effectively with your customers and get better results from your marketing strategies – all without having to pay a single cent.  Ready? Let’s get into it.  Integrate email sign-up forms on a social landing pagePersonalize your CTAsCapture email after an online saleUse…

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  • 1 March
    Photo of Social Media for Food Trucks: A Brand-Building Guide

    Social Media for Food Trucks: A Brand-Building Guide

    How do you grow a cult following when you’re a small, mobile business? Build a brand that people remember. You can do this with the help of digital marketing tools that allow you to extend your reach far beyond your physical location. Social media for food trucks is one of the best ways to become a daily presence in people’s lives — no matter where you’re parked.  The power of social media is only matched by the number of possibilities it brings. According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook, 40% use Instagram, and 23% use Twitter. That doesn’t…

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  • Feb- 2022 -
    28 February
    Photo of Should Email Subject Lines Be Capitalized

    Should Email Subject Lines Be Capitalized

    Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right tactics to market your business? You’re not alone. That’s why we analyzed 1,000s of emails from 100 of the top experts — the best of the best. Their email strategies engage thousands and drive millions in revenue. Many of them see unheard of results (like 80% open rates and 30% click-through rates). “Should you capitalize your subject line?” was one of our questions. Let’s take a look at our findings. The 3 capitalization formulas for email subject lines To find out how top marketers use capitalization in their email subject lines, we…

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  • 27 February
    Photo of Email Tagging Tips to Skyrocket Your Open Rates

    Email Tagging Tips to Skyrocket Your Open Rates

    Each person on your email list is unique: In a real conversation, you wouldn’t talk to VIP clients in the same way you would talk to new leads. So why would you send them the same email? Short answer: You shouldn’t. You can use tags and segments to send emails that cater to the specific needs and interests of your subscribers. Tagging is easier — and more important — than you think. Here’s why: The days of one-size-fits-all email marketing are gone. Your audience expects to get interesting emails — with topics they care about. But your subscribers are snowflakes!…

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  • 26 February
    Photo of How to Segment an Email List (with Examples)

    How to Segment an Email List (with Examples)

    If you’ve been using email marketing for a while, you might have come across the term segmentation. Before we dive into how to segment an email list, I want you to understand what email segmentation is. Email segmentation simply means dividing your email list into smaller groups of people. You might create groups based on information like interests, demographics, or preferences on products or services.  Once you’ve segmented your email list into groups, you can send more relevant emails to those groups, rather than sending the same emails to your entire subscriber list. Naturally, you’re probably wondering how to segment…

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  • 25 February
    Photo of What is the Impact of Google Prefetching Opens?

    What is the Impact of Google Prefetching Opens?

    As the trend of anonymized email open data ramped up in 2021 with Apple’s launch of Mail Privacy Protection and SendGrid’s launch of Apple Open Identifier, there’s been more interest in the anonymization of open data, specifically around Google prefetching opens. This post explains what Google prefetching is, how to detect prefetching, and what Twilio […] The post What is the Impact of Google Prefetching Opens? appeared first on SendGrid. Read more:

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  • 24 February
    Photo of 2022 Valentine’s Day GIF Guide

    2022 Valentine’s Day GIF Guide

    This Valentine’s Day, forget a dozen roses. You need a dozen GIFs. The reason: Eye-catching visuals like GIFs in emails can increase click-through rates by 42% and conversion rates by 103%, and may positively impact your sales. Go ahead and add GIFs to your February email campaigns. The AWeber design team has already done the work for you and created 12 downloadable Valentine’s Day GIFs! Just download them and add them to your emails using AWeber’s ridiculously easy-to-use Drag and Drop message editor. These GIFs will be a sweet treat for your subscribers — and your bottom line. Not an…

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