Boxing Day- 66+ Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

The celebration of this amazing day as a holiday occurs immediately after the observance of Merry Christmas. Its origin lies in the United Kingdom and it is commemorated in many other countries that were once a part of the Britain Kingdom. Every year it is marked on the 26th December which is established as a Public Holiday to honor the eminent boxers of the British empire. 

Boxing Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Boxing Day Messages

-Let us not feel sad as the second Christmas, the Boxing Day is here. Happy Boxing day, people.

-Let us fight for our rights and our positions like the boxers, let us taste the victory like them. Happy fighters’ Day.

-Let us gather all our energy and will power to earn the win with pride. Let us be a legendary boxer in our life’s battlefield. Let us make their day, our day.

-Let us conquest all the hindrances, let us overcome all the drawbacks, let us be a boxer in the survival ring. Let us be familiar with triumph.

-If you have a firm faith upon something, don’t panic, don’t step back, just brawl and struggle with all you have and get it in your life. Let us just emphasize in our determination to achieve the unachievable on this magnificent day.

-Always stand by the righteous things even if you are alone in this fight, never stop struggling. Let us wrestle for the optimistic things in our life till our last breath on this glorious day.

-If you ever get tired of fighting for goodness and virtue, just take a deep breath and say to yourself that you believe in yourself and you can never wait. On this auspicious day, cherish your inner strength.

-Keep fighting with your inner evil and let the conscience win the match, let goodness triumph over the evil, let this boxing match between sin and benevolence be won by the virtue and morality on this splendid day.

-Never lose hope and faith in the fact that fighting for the justified thing is always worthy and important. Let us keep up this spirit alive in our hearts forever.

-Fell yourself blessed not because things are according to your requirements, but feel lucky that you have got an independent life where you get the space and chance to fight for your rights.

-Struggle with all your strength to get the most desirable things in your life but design the battle in such a way that others with the same kind of life journey may take a keen interest to accompany you.

-The boxing ring is a magical space, it can convert a very coward person into a lionhearted individual. Let us rejoice this day remembering the anecdotes of famous boxers inside this boxing ring.

-We might not break down after our first failure, as success comes after repeated battles. Defeat does not every time marks collapse, it sometimes demarcates our first big step towards victory.

-On this challenging day, hold your chin up and get up and continue your struggling battle for rights, standing down will not only make you a loser but also take away all your self-respect and pride.

-The titlist and the champ were once just a stubborn competitor who was not ready to lose anyway. This bright day is dedicated to those heart-winning legendary boxers who made us learn not to give up ever.

-Our life goes on smooth and splendid until we get the punch of reality in our face hard, it is our choice whether we will give it a strong competition, or succumb to death. Let us stand rock-hard and face it bravely.

Boxing Day Greetings

-Glide like a free bird and swindles like an ant and those whoever will walk in the path of evil punch in their face really hard to make them reform and get them in the path of goodness. Happy boxing day, people.

– Some of the boxing superheroes tolerated every minute of a tormenting training in an unhesitant way to live like a victorious king forever. On this Boxing day, let us try to have endurance like them. 

-Do not rest until all that you have yearned for so long except the rest is under your grasp and grip. Exercise and workout till your last chance to have a rest, make yourself stone strong and achieve everything impossible.

-For me, boxing is the hardest and is a very friendless sport where you get no backing up. On this bountiful day, let us remember all those who have lost their lives or were fatally injured inside the boxing ring fighting this sport.

-Kudos to the bravery and chivalry of the champions of boxing who fearlessly tackle all the wounds that are coming without a wrinkle in their forehead. Let us try to be gallant like those legends on this timeless day.

-It really does not matter whether we win or gain failure fighting a battle, what matters most is our courage and heroism we have exhibited during the war and the wonderful journey from being timid to plucky. 

-On this boxing day, let us be prepared to face and fight all the thwacks and let us set the mentality to counter strike pluckily. Let us follow the chants of bravery which will only make us the ultimate winner of life.

-Boxers are no less than a warrior, they never back out, they just pick up their gloves and shields and be ever ready to face their enemies. Let us at least try to one of them or like them on this honorable day.

-Let us earmark this day which is the cornerstone of gallantry, chauvinism, and courageousness. Let us celebrate this day to strengthen the fact that valor, must be included as a necessary attribute for personality development.

-When life gives hard punches, raise your voice, wear your gloves, and smash the faces of the strains, toils, and troubles and show them that you are fearless and born to win.

-Let the deprivation and the forfeiture make you more ravenous and peckish, let the failure force you to go out and be mad to achieve another victory.

-If your brain is capable of creating and developing and your soul is ready to have faith upon yourself, then there is no turning back and nothing can stop you from succeeding in life.

-The story is totally not about how fiercely you can fight, it is all about how efficiently you are handling the hard hits and how well you are punching them back with equal strength and trying to progress with the same zeal.

-Swedge and wrestle hard to get what you want in life and never compromise with it. Happy boxing day, fellows, let us make this a sparkling and intrepid one.

-The journey of our life is similar to the boxing sport, vanquish is announced not when one trips down, but it is proclaimed when after tumbling down one doesn’t try to get up. Avoid getting marked as a loser on this day.

– The pronounced frailty does not lie in the fact that you are failing, it lies in the matter that you are giving in. Make your will power strapping and sturdy like those renowned boxers in this esteemed day.

-Never pause showing up and exercising your finest and greatest performance. Do not wait for somebody to give you the proper value, just keep on doing your best and the world will follow you on their own.

-It is not the earnest desire to achieve the victory that makes you triumph, it is only the stubborn refusal to give in that makes you unique and victorious. Never lose heart and call it a day.

-If someday you feel like that you are leading a life in hell, keep tolerating that until you become a gold yourself and just never surrender and admit defeat. Keep this in mind on this gleeful day.

-Prosperity, fortune, and opulence only come to those who try to lead a disciplined life full of integrity and positivity. Let this boxing day be filled with magnificence and affluence of our hearts and minds.

-If you want to set everything right in your life, then only you have to take responsibility to fix everything on your own through your patience, devotion, diligence, and constancy. never let the essence of struggle fade in your life.

-Hard work, continuance, ascertainment, fidelity, and prolonged struggles, everything will go in vain if you do not have faith upon yourself. Never lose hope in yourself.

-Adhere to your determination and be obstinate and mulish to win at any cost, be headstrong to bow down against failure, and at the end of the day gift yourself a grand victory.

-A fighter never only depends upon his endurance, robustness, and tactics but also on the belief upon his quality and capability.

Boxing Day Quotes

-“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion!” -Muhammad Ali

-“If you never know failure, you will never know success.” -Sugar Ray Leonard

-“Fear is just like fire; it can be helpful if you know how to use it. If not, you’ll get burned.” -Mike Tyson

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