65+ Best Snow Puns and Quotes

Even though staying in a frozen place for days can be extremely difficult, snow has its own charm n people. It makes any place look ten times more beautiful and marks the arrival of the festive season. Puns about snow is sure to crack up people.

Snow Puns and Quotes

What did one snow flake say to its partner? It said, “It is snow much fun to be in your company.”

Where can you find snowmen and snow-women dancing? At the snow-ball.

Why was the snow man embarrassed in front of his friends? Because it was snow joke.

How do you greet someone who lives in an igloo? You say, “Ice to meet you.”

_What did the man who came home in a snowy evening say to his family? He said, “The snuggle is real.”

_Why was the Eskimo worried? Because he had snow way out of the trouble he was in.

_How does people living in the North Pole propose to their partners? They say, “I am melted by your love.”

_What do you have on a snowy morning? You have a cup of frost-tea.

_What did the Eskimo father tell his son when he caught his mischief? He said, “Icy what you have done.”

_Which Game of Thrones character is the most popular in the Arctic Circle? Jon Snow.

_What do you ask someone whose name is Frosty? You ask, “Water you doing in the spring season?”

_What do people from Greenland call their wives? Hot-tea.

_How does a lover express his love to his partner in the snow? He says, “I love you snow much.”

_How does an Eskimo thank Santa Claus? He says, “Thank you Santa, for a white Christmas!”

_Why could no one depend on the snowman? Because he did not carrot all.

_How does a snowman propose to his crush? He says, “I glove you.”

_How does a snowman clean his body? He takes snow showers.

_Where should you keep cold hard cash? You should deposit them at the snow bank.

_Why can you never beat Elsa when she has a snowblower? Because she will rarely let it go.

_Why do kids love winter? Because it is snow much fun.

_What would you call a cross between Bon Jovi and Jon Snow? Bon Snowy.

_Why did you take up skiing being a snow boarder? Because I was so bored.

_What did the hungry man ho was buried under the snow throughout the morning say after comin out? He said, “Can I avalanche?”

_Why did the young boy bring a snowball to his school? He wanted to use it for snow and tell.

_Why did the wife of the snowman go to the parlour? To get a perma-frost done.

_Why did the young boy did not make the feet of the snowman he was building? Because there already was two feet of snow underneath.

_What would you call a cross between a lizard and a bee? A blizzard.

_Take care of yourself. The weather during winter is snow joke.

_What should you put on the head of your snowman? A snowcap.

_What do Eskimos like to eat? Chilly dogs.

_What did the man who was stuck inside for a storm say to himself? He said, “This storm knows snowbounds.”

_What would you get if you put a snow globe inside the microwave oven? Global Warming.

_Why are snowmen always having a great time? Because they are always chilling.

_Which is the most popular game in the North Pole? Snowball

_Which candy does a mountain like the most? Snow Caps.

_What do you call the temper tantrum of an Eskimo? You call it a meltdown.

_What do you call the offspring of a snowman? Chill-dren.

_What would you call a cross between a snowman and a vampire? A Frost bite.

_What do you call a snowman who has turned old? Water.

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