30+ Female Bloggers’ Time Management Tips [RoundUp Post]

Well, I took quite some time to get back with my 2nd roundup post. My first roundup post on New Year Resolutions Of Bloggers was a great success. I got a very good response, got many social shares and most importantly got connected with many awesome bloggers.

Now, it’s time to share the 2nd roundup post where you will find some awesome female bloggers revealed their time management tips and how to be a better blogger.

I have asked 3 questions to these top female bloggers and got some amazing responses from them. Here are the 3 questions I have asked them.

Any challenges as a female Blogger?How do you manage your blogging business?One time management tip for a new blogger?

Let’s explore the answers and enhance our knowledge & learning from their experiences.

31 Top Female Bloggers Shared Time Management Tips

Time management is a crucial topic in every blogger’s life. Especially, if you are a female blogger then it would be a nightmare for you. Why? Because every woman is performing a lot of responsibilities in their everyday life. They are multi-taskers and that’s why they are the best persons to share some valuable tips on time management.

NirmalaNirmala Santhakumar

[Website | Twitter]

Challenges: Being a female blogger, the biggest challenge is finding time to blog! However, I believe, when you have a passion for something, you can definitely take the time out and implement the thing that you would most like to do.

On managing blogging business:

Managing the blogs along with the household works and commitments is really a tough job! But because of my dedication, I’m getting a better work-life balance.

The family is my top priority! So, I used to do all home-related tasks (Like cooking, washing, cleaning and so on) in the morning itself and come online for blogging after 10 AM.

I work for 4 – 5 hours during daytime and 2 -3 hours in the evening. Hence, I could manage things in a better way! Right now, I handle five blogs and writing the articles only for my main blog, Because of my time limitations, I’m outsourcing the content that is something I never wanted to do!

Your one time management tip:

Make a daily schedule, stay organized and be consistent! Find the best time for blogging to work without distraction.

Click to Tweet Janice WaldJanice Wald

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Sometimes trying to keep up with my editorial calendar conflicts with caring for my children.

On managing blogging business: I delegate. I use a Virtual Assistant, a Technical Helper, and a Business Manager. I also use a Graphic Designer. I also try to allot regimented times for the necessary blogging activities.

Your one time management tip

Stay regimented. Set aside times in each day to accomplish different blogging tasks and stick to your schedule.

Click to Tweet Jane SheebaJane Sheeba

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Having to manage kids, household and business altogether is indeed a challenge as a woman.

On managing blogging business: With kids in the equation, at the moment, it is almost impossible for me to follow a schedule. I go along with their schedule and work on “power mode” when I get a chunk of time.

Your one time management tip:

If you have time to watch TV, you already have the time to blog.

Click to Tweet lisaLisa Sicard

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Time management. Getting more done in less time to make more money.

On managing blogging business: I use freelancers now to help me come up with ideas for social media posts as I’m generating new clients. I also have some freelancers writing and proofing for me along the way when I need.

Your one time management tip:

Outsource some of your tasks so you can generate new business and grow it slowly.

Click to Tweet Donna MerrillDonna Merrill

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I think female bloggers often struggle to maintain a schedule that includes many things other than business. I often get caught up in handling issues with my daughter or household things that distract me from dedicating all my time on blogging. So it does present a challenge to manage my time wisely.

On managing blogging business:

I have developed a specific blogging routine. I call it my daily process. This includes basic things like:

Replying to comments on my blogLeaving comments on other blogs plus sharing them on social mediaWriting new material for upcoming blog postsCurating good source material for upcoming topicsSharing my Core Message (what problems I help people solve, like writing great content or building an email list, etc.) on social media outletsRepurposing some of my old content into videos, live streams, images or ebooks;Emailing to my list to update them on my blog content and ideas.

Now, these are just a few of the things I set out to do on a daily process.

It is my process.

Your process might look different, but what I want you to understand is that unless you have a Daily Process that works for you and your business model, these critical things will be left undone.

And your excuse will be “I didn’t have time… I was so busy doing ______ instead.

You see, your Daily Process should include things that are critical to moving your blogging business forward.

Everything else must wait.

But don’t understand me, here.

This is just the Beginning of my blogging day.

After I’ve gone through this basic Daily Process, I begin expanding my business and my reach.

I might start exploring a new social media strategy to promote my work.

Or I could begin or continue work on an ebook I’ll use to build my email list.

Sure, time management is always a struggle for me as a female blogger.

But since I have a good plan, and I execute it every single day… my business grows and my influence expands.

What kind of process do you perform every day?

Or what process do you think my work for you?

Try it out, review it every so often to make sure it’s getting you where you want, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

It’s a great feeling to end every day knowing you did what you set out to do.

It gets you in the habit of completing things and succeeding.

It’s pretty miserable to get in the habit of always coming up short, and always feeling like you failed to do what you had to do.

That only gets you in the habit of half-doing things and always failing.

Manage your time wisely, and you’ll always have time to succeed as a blogger.


[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I’m just a blogger. 

On managing blogging business: With all my heart and soul. But, in reality, I am learning as I go. I feel I’ve already moved forward light years and my decades of business experience definitely helps. Still, there’s so much more I want to accomplish. I love ? blogging.

Your one time management tip:

Manage your time in a way that works for you. Listening to too much advice from others on structure, time to write, and style or voice can hurt more than help you. Go with YOU!

Click to Tweet Erika Mohssen-BeykErika Mohssen-Beyk

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I have no challenge with female or male at all 🙂

On managing blogging business: “I go by intuition and do what I love, the time will arrange itself.

The term time management is nonsense, it is a modern slogan like failure and mistake and only makes people struggle. Without failure and mistakes we do not grow, we need them. This is my opinion.

Time cannot be managed the universe manages time itself we are given all the same time. The sun and the moon set without our management.

What we can and should manage is our activity. Best is to have a few rules, like taking time for exercise and meditation in the morning, having the meals at a certain time. This gives the day structure.

A piece of great advice is what Mark Twain said and Brian Tracy even did write a book about; Eat the frog first thing to begin your workday.

This means to do difficult things that you do not like first. Even if you have more of these frog tasks eat the biggest one first 🙂 because if you not do, it makes you procrastinate.

If you eat the frog, you accomplished something and are ready to go without thinking about anymore and it can even be motivating. I do not like to do lists very much, because these things can kill creativity.

The best is to keep a structure as I mentioned but I take time for creativity serious. If it hits me, I go for it, do not let anything distract me even if it is getting late. If you feel the urge of doing something you love, do it, because it will turn out great :)”

Your one time management tip:

Do difficult things that you do not like first because if you do not do it makes you procrastinate. If you accomplish it motivates.

Click to Tweet ManidipaManidipa Bhaumik

[Website | Twitter]

Any Challenges: Not really. When my son was small, I had time crunches. But, now things are much sorted.

On Managing Blogging Business: I mostly work on weekends to manage time for my blog. I & Santanu help each other to fill up the gaps and achieve our targets smoothly in blogging.

Your One Time management Tip:

Plan small & realistic targets to achieve

Click to Tweet Lorraine RegulyLorraine Reguly

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I don’t have any challenges simply because I am female. However, I am not a techie, so I have challenges when it comes to tech stuff.

On managing blogging business: Singlehandedly!

Your one time management tip:

Work during your optimal working time of day!

Click to Tweet joy healeyJoy Healey

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I don’t find my blogging challenges are linked to being female at all. It makes no difference whatsoever!

On managing blogging business: I’m a part-time blogger so I use Buffer and MissingLttr to help my social media promotion, and with CARE I use PLR.

Your one time management tip:

Use PLR in the correct way you to save hours writing posts, & learn how the time saved can be used more productively

Click to Tweet Lasya KLasya K

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Well, I always learn new things and keep on experimenting. Rather than the business, you can say that my blog AllTop9 is a research and development center. 

1. Being Consistent.2. Updating myself with new technologies.3. Handling multiple tasks at a time.4. The main challenge is taking care of my health. 😉

On managing blogging business: I always manage Time to do things on my blog like backup date, content planning, etc. In this way, my works are done in the time and a lot easier to handle multiple things in a day.

Your one time management tip:

TIME is always an important element in your Life and Business. Manage it well and success is yours.

Click to Tweet Jyoti ChauhanJyoti Chauhan

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I face similar challenges as male bloggers face.

On managing blogging business: I and Mohd Arif work together and we have a team of content writers and link builders.

Your one time management tip:

Prioritize tasks. Do first which add value to your blog and help to achieve your long term goal.

Click to Tweet Hema GayatriHema Gayatri

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Getting organic traffic, SEO

On managing blogging business: I take care of content creation and promote via social media channels

Your one time management tip:

Consistency in content creation

Click to Tweet female iconDipika Singh

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Time Management, as working from home Mom, the biggest challenge is to get your act together.

On managing blogging business: I have dedicated time for the blog, and what may come I don’t get biased with that few minutes. 90 minutes every day, once I am all for myself, goes to the blog and social media.

Your one time management tip:

Identify what gives you happiness while writing. Once you know your niche, articles come easily in writing. Dedicate some time every day to your Blog. Make sure to stick to the ‘blogging-calendar’.

Click to Tweet female iconJanki Doshi

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: To reach the right audience and getting enough readership

On managing blogging business: I write as much as I can. I also collaborate with people from different niches.

Your one time management tip:

Schedule an hour every day for writing and do not give up. Even if one person reads your blog, it is worth the effort.

Click to Tweet Tanya SinghTanya Singh

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: One of the biggest challenges that I faced was that no one was willing to take me seriously and for that, I had to prove myself again and again.

On managing blogging business: I mainly manage by blogging on the weekends as my weekdays are hectic due to my profession as a Content Strategist.

Your one time management tip:

PATIENCE is the key because Rome wasn’t built in a day (neither was Taj Mahal!)

Click to Tweet Ekta TripathiEkta Tripathi

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: According to me, there is nothing like male and female blogger. It totally depends upon individual skills that how she/he works on improving her/his writing skills.

On managing blogging business: I have participated on 100+ guest blogging sites and allowing the same on my blog but this is very rare till the time.

female iconMadras Ponnu

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Time Management

On managing blogging business: I am a part-time blogger so it’s not exactly a business for me.

Your one time management tip:

Make it Work. Allocate 20 mins per day for blogging min

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female iconKrati Agarwal

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: People don’t take it seriously. It is very hard to convince that it’s a THING and it exists.

On managing the blogging business: With the help of some tools like Canva, Grammarly, Adobe draw, WordPress. Other than that I schedule each and everything by writing notes. Fix one hr for your passion/blog daily. Make sure to give that time to it devotedly.

Your one time management tip:

Utilize your travel time, even if you are driving listen to podcasts that will help in your business.

Click to Tweet mariyamMariyam

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: My biggest challenge is to stand out in my niche which is about beauty where there is a lot of competition. It becomes challenging when your unique content doesn’t stand out.

On managing blogging business: From setting up the theme to SEO, I do it all by myself. Being a student pursuing a master’s degree, it sometimes becomes difficult to give a great amount of time to my blog. I treat my blog like a baby and nurture it.

Your one time management tip:

Always, be ahead of your time. In my free time, I write and schedule my posts in advance so that they get posted on time.

Click to Tweet Baishali BhattacharjeeBaishali Bhattacharjee

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Till now I haven’t faced any challenges and hoping for the same in the future too! As I believe that, if you are genuine to yourself and just want to spread good thoughts with the world- which you come across in your life, can’t be challenged in any way 🙂

On managing blogging business: Well, at present I am not using the blogging platform for business but enjoying it as a hobby of mine so that I can be connected with the beautiful souls around. So the smiles and views I receive from my viewers are my incoming boost for now 🙂

Your one time management tip:

If you consider blogging as a hobby or a way to connect with the universe, you will automatically be able to find few moments to share your thoughts with your family i.e.- The Universe 🙂

Click to Tweet female iconSurbhi Mahobia

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: As a parenting mommy blogger, my biggest challenge is to find the right balance between my blogging and family. My blog is also like my child that needs equal attention, if not more. So, striking the right balance without hampering the time I devote to my kids and family is my biggest challenge.

On managing blogging business: I single-handedly manage my blog and my social media. I devote a few hours in the day time to my social media and a few hours at night to my blog.

Your one time management tip:

Dedicate one more days in a week when you want to publish a blog. It’ll keep you well planned and makes content planning easy as well.

Click to Tweet female iconDr. Bushra Nausheen

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: No I don’t face any challenges as a female blogger. I think Blogging challenge is the same for both male and female blogger.

On managing blogging business: I plan my monthly scheduled and work accordingly. It decreases loads of burden from my mind and organized all my work well.

Your one time management tip:

Always plan ahead prior to 1 month. if you want 50% results out of your work plan for 100% This will organize your blog, reduce your burden, bring fruit results and save time.

Click to Tweet SantwonaSantwona Patnaik

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: To be very honest, I have not faced any challenges as a ‘female’ blogger as such. Maybe, this is a sign of good times that we are living in. I haven’t really observed gender-based discrimination in the field of blogging. If you generate good quality content, your work will definitely be appreciated.

But yes, I have faced quite a few challenges as a blogger, in my initial days. I’ll jot down a few points here :

Finalizing on the overall website design and look & feel of my blog.Figuring out the right areas to pitch your work for sponsorships.Social media engagement.Maintaining a regular frequency for blog posts.

On a generic note, PERSISTENCE is the key to overcome any challenges. Never give up. Keep trying. You will definitely get there.

On managing blogging business:

I have always believed that CONTENT is the most important aspect of blogging. If you churn out good-quality content, your blogging business is bound to flourish at some point. Yes, the content should be publicized on forums with maximum audience reach.

I maintain a disciplined approach to professional blogging. I dedicate specific-times solely for blogging and never compromise, in spite of having a regular job.

Your one time management tip:

Plan for a week in advance. On a Sunday, you should have your content ready and have a clear picture of how the upcoming week should look like. This will build a consistent target audience for your blog.

Click to Tweet keerthanaKeerthana

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: The biggest challenge as a female blogger is finding the work-life balance while growing a sustaining blog.

On managing blogging business: Producing content consistently along with engagement on social media, targeting audience and their interests is how I manage my blogging needs and the business strategies. I create my own schedule when I have to post and promote my content.

Your one time management tip:

Spend 50% of the time on posting content consistently and spend rest 50% in promoting it to the right audience

Click to Tweet Nisha PandeyNisha Pandey

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Every blogger believes that they could do more if they had more than 24 hours in a day. But the challenge is even bigger for female bloggers!

The first tip is to use an app like Evernote that simplifies your life. Every time I have an idea I simply ‘hand it over to it’. I can work on it once I have designated my tasks.

The next important tip is to designate time or priority to tasks. I take it a step further and assign time based on the expected duration for each task. This helps me keep on track, most of the time.

On managing blogging business:

When scheduling your tasks, make sure to assign time for your family. This is going to include your chores and the time your family is going to need from you. I strongly recommend using a timer. No matter whether you have your watch, wall clock or time on your PC, use a timer because it is more effective in keeping you on track.

If you use these strategies, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get the most out of the 24 hours you have as a blogger.

Your one time management tip:

I strongly recommend using a timer. No matter whether you have your watch, wall clock or time on your PC, use a timer because it is more effective in keeping you on

Click to Tweet female iconKinshoo Agrawal

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: Don’t get enough time for blogging as juggling between family needs, chores, professional deadlines drains me out. 

On managing blogging business: Blogging is mostly a hobby for me till now and a medium to connect to fellow bloggers.

Your one time management tip:

Don’t bury yourself under Over-expectations, some things can take a backseat on some days for some other more important things for the moment. You need not do everything every day! Period.

Click to Tweet Chitra Home ChowdhuryChitra Home Chowdhury

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: My challenge as a female blogger is managing my website at the same time managing and doing the household chores, which is very difficult for me to handle at the same time, I’m also very thankful that I’m able to maintain both.

On managing blogging business: In 24 hours, I try to give maximum time to my blog, because, my blog and my website, is the only source of my income.

Your one time management tip:

1 perfect way to manage time, so that your blog shall perform well, if you give maximum, yet quality and meaty time to your blog.

Wake up early morning and start the work of your blog, as soon as you start your day.

Click to Tweet richa deoLt Cdr Richa

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: I feel the Blogging World is full of opportunities and challenges and it is not Gender Specific! So both the Opportunities that I have earned or the challenges I have faced can directly be related to what I did well or I didn’t manage well.

Coming to the point of Challenges as a Blogger – I think the biggest mistake that I did was that I treated ‘Blogging’ as a Hobby and not as a Profession or else I could have started monetizing my Website much earlier.

On managing blogging business:

I am a Travel Content Curator and I belong to a family of wanderlust people. My parents, my in-laws, my husband, our children, all of us love traveling and so it just seemed natural to blog about it. But Traveling is far easier than writing about it.

If you want to make money out of your blog you need to spend 40% of your time and energy in creating content and rest 60% in marketing it.

Since I am in the process of launching my “Pinterest Strategies Course” a lot of my time goes in planning for the same.

I feel that when I have an annual plan broken into the monthly and weekly plan it helps me plan things well.

Your one time management tip:

Looking for that one tip that you need to work in peace? Switch your damn phone off!!

Click to Tweet female iconShraddha Tripathi

[Website | Twitter]

Any challenges: As a mom, I have a time limitation. Otherwise, Content is the King of Blogging. To be creative and informative is the most difficult task.

On managing blogging business:

It’s a late process. It takes time to get success but If you are regular then its a great business.

Your one time management tip:

You should be consistent. I think regularity is the key

Click to Tweet Shalu SharmaShalu Sharma

[Website | Twitter]

Any Challenges: One major challenge is that many male bloggers don’t take you seriously. They think that it’s a hobby which you do part-time. But the fact is that I do it seriously and consider it as a business. However many are beginning to acknowledge that you do have the skills and what it takes to be a serious blogger.

On managing blogging business:

I allocate time for blogging. You have to allocate a section of time of the day to write, research, promote and read other blogs which I do. In addition, I treat blogging as a business where I spend time, effort and money to see the dividends.

One time management tip for a new blogger?

Be good at what you do! If you are serious about blogging then allocate time and effort to blogging. It takes time but you will get there.

Click to Tweet Conclusion: Time Management Tips Shared By Top Female Bloggers

I really enjoyed curating these amazing responses of top female bloggers and learned a lot. The best way to grow in blogging is by exploring how other bloggers are doing it every day. And I am sure you will also find this roundup post useful.

Whether it’s male or female, blogging is all about passion & loving your skill. If you love blogging, you will definitely find time to live your passion. I would like to know what you think about this topic and how do you like this roundup post. Write a comment below and share your thoughts & experiences.

Also, don’t forget to share this article. It’s my request so that every newbie blogger can read this and learn from many expert bloggers. Thanks for reading & sharing this time management tips roundup.

time management tips top female bloggers

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