24 Tips & Essentials for Remotely Working: How to Work From Home … or Anywhere

Sipping coconut water while gazing out over the bright blue Carribbean sea and finally cleaning out your inbox: these are the things that remote working dreams are made from! But as a location-independent, self-employed small business owner who has worked remotely for the last five years, I can tell you that the Digital Nomad dream is not always the reality: it’s more like trying to ignore the crick in your neck while battling your overflowing inbox and trying to tune out the guy next to you who is screaming at full volume into his earpiece. While, yes, occasionally, overlooking a beautiful view (… or my backyard, which has a nice tree in it.) But with a few tricks and gear, you can turn your home office into a work-from-anywhere haven! Whether you are working from home for your ‘normal’ job, or you’ve joined the ranks of the self-employed Digital Nomad, here are all of my tried and tested ways to function like a boss while working from home (or anywhere).

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