2020 Year in Review: The Year of “Oh No”

At the end of 2019, exhausted and burnt out, I made a New Years resolution that, in hindsight, may have doomed the entire world: I wanted to travel less and spend more time at home, baking and taking long walks and watching birds in the backyard. Yep: I put that out into the Universe, and then the Universe was like “oh, dip?” and here we are, in month 976827682768 of the worst global pandemic in over a century. So.. I’m really sorry about… you know *gestures broadly at everything* But you’re probably wondering: was it all worth it, Lia?!?! Did you get your stupid wish and spend 2020 taking long walks, watching birds in the backyard, and baking bundt cakes?? And the answer is … kinda. Let’s get into it.

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